Nicole Ryan

Film and Television – Lead Role

The Welland School of Dancing gave me a safe and supportive environment to learn, develop and grow both professionally and personally. Dance is a very personal thing; you are at the mercy of your body and it's biological limitations and every single student that walks through the door faces a different challenge. My teachers really took the time to understand my limitations, my potential, my personality and my learning style. The care, guidance and dedication given to me was invaluable, I can honestly say that this was never the case prior to my time at Welland and it has not been the case since. It's a tough industry, often you are given a note once and if you haven't corrected it by the next class, you will be ignored until you've figured it out. Always thank your teacher when they give you a note!!! It shows that they care, it shows that they believe in your potential to be better and it shows that they are willing to support you in your journey to achievinf your dreams. There is no doubt in my mind that if I had not attended the Welland School of Dancing, I would never have had a career in dance, my teachers were the ones that got me over the finish line.
the Welland was such a huge part of my life growing up and I'd love to see as many students as possible benefit from the love and support available.