Katie Green

WSD Pupil 1984-2000

One of my earliest memories is of my first ballet class with Miss D at the little church hall in Bourne - I remember the yellow skirt she was wearing and how happy she was! Her passion for what she was doing was very inspiring, and I knew from a very early age that I wanted to see if I could become a dancer. Because of this, and because I was very determined, I took all my classes very seriously I think, even as a 3 year old! Miss D gave me such great opportunities to work towards my ambition, and I remember being invited to join the Pre-Major class, performing in the shows, trips to see different professional performances, and trips to London to see different schools for example. I think it's testament to the skill and enthusiasm of Miss D and Miss Debbie, but also the care and 100% commitment that Miss D and Mr W put into the school for so many years, making it feel like a family, that I had the capability and the confidence to actually achieve that very early ambition to make a career in dance. I know that Miss Purr and all the wonderful teachers who now work at the school will continue to inspire more 3 year olds to go on to achieve whatever they want to do.