Modern Theatre Performers Class

Modern theatre performers group is an invitation only class for students aged 9-18 who show a particular talent for modern theatre dancing.

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Modern Theatre Performers Class

The class is designed to give students a second more challenging modern class per week to help strength and stamina. The class involves unset work, broadening their vocabulary of dance steps and improving their ability to pick up sequences and routines quickly. Students start with a thorough warm up followed by technical exercises, travelling steps, turns and leaps from the corner. They also learn extracts from musicals and often have pieces choreographed on them for festivals and displays.

There is no set uniform for the modern theatre performers group but most students wear black leggings, foot thongs and a crop top / sports bra.

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£36.00 per half term for Juniors/Inters. £40.00 per half term for Seniors

  Upstairs Studio 1, Broad Street Downstairs Studio 2, Broad Street
Monday - -
Tuesday - -
Wednesday - -
Thursday - -
Friday - -
Saturday - -
Sunday - -
1. Beginners Welcome
2. Intermediate Level
3. Live Pianist, £4 surcharge per term
4. Potential swap of studio every week
5. Can go into Studio 1 at 6:40pm