Grade 2 Tap

ISTD Grade 2 Tap (Year 5, Year 6)
Is suitable for pupils in Year 5 and 6 aged 9-11.

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Grade 2 Tap

Beginners are encouraged to start off in Grade 1 tap and then fast track through to Grade 2 once they have learnt the basics. By Grade 2, most children within the lesson are working hard in order to potentially take the ISTD Grade 2 Examination, so we aim to reach a stage whereby children can take their Grade 2 Tap Exam, if they so wish. Exams are not compulsory and many children decide just to move up to the next grade, however Welland School of Dancing likes to offer the option of Modern exams to those pupils who are keen to focus on perfecting the syllabus. We believe as a dance school, it’s good for children to study towards exams as it encourages the pupils to practice and perfect the steps, and ultimately work towards a goal.

Within Grade 2 Tap, children become confident enough to begin working on more complex steps such as pick-up’s on 2 feet in the centre of the room. Also, exercises such as the ‘Turning Step’ and their ‘Amalgamation’ which can be performed one at a time allowing the children to incorporate simple steps which they have previously learnt into something they can perform. Tap encourages self-discipline, self expression, allowing children to develop their listening skills and also encourage children to follow instruction. ISTD Tap helps children learn to work both as an individual and in a group, developing co-ordination, good posture, strength and suppleness, and also a chance to be free with the entertaining music and longer, more complex exercises.


For Grades 1 - 3 ISTD Modern and Tap, children should wear either a purple or blue lycra leotard with black lycra stirrup leggings. 



45 min


£32.50 per half term. Welland School of dancing offers multi-class discounts per student for 2-5 classes from 15-30% respectively off your bill per student.


  Upstairs Studio 1, Broad Street Downstairs Studio 2, Broad Street
Monday - -
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Wednesday - 6:15 - 7:00 pm (Miss Lesley)
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Sunday - -
1. Beginners Welcome
2. Intermediate Level
3. Live Pianist, £4 surcharge per term
4. Potential swap of studio every week
5. Can go into Studio 1 at 6:40pm