Xoe Wailes

Xoe teaches our Junior and Senior Contemporary Dance classes

Xoe Wailes

Xoe is a dancer and dance teacher studying at Chantry School of Contemporary and Balletic Arts, the official school of Chantry Dance Company. She has been dancing for 18 years, the last four of which in full-time professional training. Additionally, Xoe has been fortunate enough to benefit from the expert teaching of professionals from Northern Ballet, Pineapple, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre, Matthew Bourne’s dance company and world class choreographers and dancers at Jacob’s Pillow in Massachusetts.

Xoe has been teaching for four years, including ballet, limbering and conditioning as well as contemporary. In July 2019 she passed her IDTA Level 3 Qualification and is currently working towards her IDTA Level 4 Teachers qualification, which will be completed in the coming year.

Xoe is also proud to be head of the ‘outreach’ projects for Chantry, organising performances and choreographing dance pieces for various special venues, including children’s hospitals and care homes