The 1980's


Karen Taylor began teaching at WSD in 1976 and then took over the school when Susan Mitchell Smith left at the end of the Spring Term 1983. During Karen’s time WSD produced “Dancemania” with a lively Maypole Dance arranged by Anne Beddow, Tap numbers “Changing of the Guard” and “What a Photograph” and Modern numbers “Urchins” and “Who will buy” arranged by Karen. She stayed until 1985 when she passed the school onto Anne Desbruslais and David Walker.

Under Anne and David,  the school grew to over 800 pupils with many starting at aged 3 and not leaving until 18 when they went off to University or dance/drama colleges Anne taught ballet and other dance subjects at Stamford Junior school, Copthill school and Witham hall school. During her time as Principal, many of Anne’s Welland school pupils have taken up careers in theatre both amateur and professional. All the local societies are full of Anne’s past and present pupils with many shows produced/directed and choreographed by past members. Over the years Anne has seen thousands of girls and boys through their dance exams with excellent results.