Pre Primary RAD Ballet (Reception)

RAD Pre-Primary ballet is the first grade of the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus, and is designed for children who have just started reception year at school age 4-5.

Pre Primary RAD Ballet (Reception)

The children will begin to learn the ballet basic positions such as 1st position, and steps such as skipping, jumping and galloping. The use of turnout is now introduced with plies. The importance of imagination based learning is maintained with imaginative movement sequences which are short five minute stories that the children help the teacher choreograph and work on each term. Props also play an integral part with use of pom poms scarves feathers and musical instruments. However a more structured and disciplined ballet class is starting to emerge,  where children are expected to take instruction and class management is slightly more formal than previous classes.  Ballet encourages self-discipline and self expression, developing listening skills, encouraging children to follow instruction, learning to work as an individual and in groups, developing  co-ordination, good posture, strength and suppleness. Ballet also provides a nurturing environment for the development of artistry and musical appreciation.


It’s at this level that we require pupils to wear the regulation RAD ballet uniform in either Pink or Aquamarine.

Please click here to view required RAD Ballet Uniform

45 min


£32.50 per half term. Welland School of dancing offers multi-class discounts per student for 2-5 classes from 15-30% respectively off your bill per student.

  Upstairs Studio 1, Broad Street Downstairs Studio 2, Broad Street
Monday - -
Tuesday - 4:15 - 5:00 pm (Miss Henri)
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Saturday 9:10 - 9:55 am (Miss Lesley)10 -
Sunday - -


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7. Beginners Welcome
8. Intermediate/Advanced Level
9. Live Pianist, £2 surcharge per term
10. Potential swap of studio every week