Can You Dance - Norwich 2017

Can You Dance - Norwich 2017

30.04.2017 / Category: Events

WSD will be taking a group to the CYD Norwich exhibition. It’s an amazing day with workshops, a dance expo, dance school stalls, careers advice, shopping and of course the dance showcase. Talent scouts are there too, watching the workshops and offering scholarships.

In 2015, Sinead Swift and Jenny Richardson were both talent spotted at CYD by Tiffany School, which Jenny ended up going to in September.  Email Miss Purr to book your ticket. This year we're taking a WSD coach, so it will an extra £13 if you'd like to travel with us!

WSD performing in the Evening Showcase!

Competition Entry, 3 Masterclasses, Exhibition Entry (Age Categories Junior 8-13 years & Senior 14 years+)

3 Masterclasses, Competition Spectator, Exhibition Entry 

Competition & Masterclass Spectator, Exhibition Entry (Children under 5's free)