Intermediate Tap

ISTD Intermediate Tap is suitable for students hoping to pursue a career in dancing, or equally for students who want to take their recreational dancing that step further.

By this stage pupils will have come up through previous grades. Following on from ISTD Grade 5 Tap the knowledge and syllabus learnt provide a base for continued professional progression within the Intermediate syllabus. Intermediate tap is a vocational exam, the first in a series of professional level exams which are the minimum requirement for entry to vocational dance school. ISTD Intermediate level also carries UCAS points and can be counted towards university and higher education applications.

Intermediate Tap demands a secure technique, increased core stability, weight placement, knowledge and understanding of complex rhythms and musical awareness. For Intermediate  ISTD Modern and Tap, candidates should wear a black leotard with black stirrup leggings.

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